July 18, 2024


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British Airways Needs Advancements at Lagos Airport

During June 2010, the UK’s top most airline British Airways (BA) insisted on the Federal Government to promote its overall infrastructure at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Ikeja, Lagos to participate with improved services with airlines operating the flights to Lagos and especially the huge sized aircraft that are in trend now. Ian Petrie, regional commercial manager of the airline appointed in Africa, while giving a general briefing of BA’s trade in Lagos, said the airline’s first deliverance of A380, that is the biggest in the Airbus range, would be arrived its fleet in 2013, but may not be able to organize the huge sized aircraft delivering the flights to Lagos airport because of its present circumstances.

If we have to deploy the advanced technology of aircraft, the Lagos airport has to be better upon. I don’t think the airport is competent enough of accommodating A380’s delivering the flights to Lagos, the moment the roads and airport got maintenance, and then we can fetch it, he said. Moreover, the diplomatic community in Lagos during the celebration of 1,100 days of Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos also highlighted the deprived condition of the Lagos airport, asking the state and Federal Governments to instantly commence the renewing equipment at the airport to have a better Lagos transportation system with rest of the world and make opportunity for more airlines for operating flights to Lagos.

They further added that, the Lagos airport and the roads connecting it can rebuff the country the anticipated foreign investments into the country. The MMIA terminal building where passengers had been facing difficulties under limited facilities is the first segment of three-phase terminal project that should have been finished to accommodate the more travelers taking the flights to Lagos. The terminal building and its equipment is as old when the airport was built in 1979. If international airlines wish to launch the wide-bodied airbuses which are more fuel efficient, more spacious and more reasonable in the air, with other benefits, then the runway of Lagos airport must be stretched in width and length as well.

British Airways’ cabin crew had also threatened to go on a strike for 4 days to induce the airline’s management to regularize employment of its members. While attending to press media in Lagos, the BA’s regional commercial manager, Africa, Ian Petrie, gave a pledge that Lagos flights to and from Abuja airports to London Heathrow airport, would not be affected by the strike.