July 18, 2024


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Havelock – India’s Most Visited Destination Spot!

Tired of doing regular activities at home? Do you suddenly feel that every task which you loved doing earlier has all of the sudden become mundane and monotonous? If the answer is yes, you need a break and what could be better than a visit to islands with your family? Your children will admire it and your spouse will start loving you even more! Islands are the best vacation spot. Not just a natural way to rejuvenate yourself but also they are free from city blare and pollution. These are the epitome of splendor and present scenery packed with charming and pleasing extravaganza.

Havelock Island is the one of the best Coral reef location of Andaman. This rich marine life can be enjoyed by snorkeling. The turquoise blue color of water is an add-on to finest marine ecosystems. The dense forest, the innumerable exotic flowers and birds create a highly graceful and passionate atmosphere. Exploring the flora and fauna of Havelock islands is an experience of a life time.

Havelock, an exhilarating island situated in Andaman & Nicobar has many thrilling and attractive tourist sites on offer for the inquisitive vacationer looking for a change from regular regime. Whether a lover of art or not, you will fall in love with the stupendous landscapes and awe- inspiring beaches. Local residents of Havelock are emotional about their drink but they are more emotional about their food and culture. Scuba diving, Mangrove safari and fishing, snorkeling and game fishing are most looked out for in Havelock. There are so many options one can go for to enjoy the nature from closest. The islands of Havelock have no scarcity of destinations and pleasure. Some of the amazing beaches that the visitors must discover on their trips include Radhanagar Beaches, Elephant Beach, Kalapathar Beach.

By now you must have got excited and become eager to experience everything this famous Indian region has to offer, right? So, staying at one of the hotels in Havelock is the perfect option to help you make your vacations memorable. Choosing a Hotel in Havelock islands is on any day better option over staying at other crowded hotels. Staying at one of the resorts in Havelock presents a wonderful alternative if one truly wants to explore what the place has to offer. Havelock hotels endeavor to make stay on the island, a cherished one. They uphold the maritime importance of the island by providing water clubs where in visitors can enjoy water games and sports. Leisure time complimented with best services around while sitting at one place is a characteristic of these Hotels.

For a luxurious, comfortable stay with all modern facilities choose Hotels in Havelock islands, built-in accord with the innate environment and offering exclusive moments of recreation. These hotels bring you at an ease by providing right guide, eliminating the extra effort to be spent around roving the way to your destination. Resorts in Havelock islands are known for their service, location and generosity and have acknowledged a number of optimistic reviews from regulars. The hotels provide well furnished and deluxe sea facing rooms equipped with all modern conveniences.