April 24, 2024


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Horde Level Guide – Step-by-Step Quest Path

Not any horde level guide will give you solid information for all the quests in the game, everybody knows that. Many so-called WoW guides are just copy-pasted from the official guide released with the game, or just a bunch of free information found randomly on the Internet. The most important aspect that any horde level guide must focus on, is the horde quest path.

What is a horde quest path?

Every horde player may know that questing is better than grinding but only few of them know how to do the quests. So, in order that the quests should work for leveling, the one who is questing must select the right quests, the worthy quests, in the right order. This is what it’s called a horde quest path. Now the better the quest path is, the fastest the player will reach the peak of the game. Any horde level guide should concentrate on at least one optimized quest path. If this is not a feature of the guide you’re looking at, you’re probably going to waste your time and money.

What other features should a horde quest guide have?

Not only that the quest path should be optimized, all the quests must be described step-by-step so that any player won’t get stuck. A bonus that a good horde level guide has, consists in an in-game addon that acts like a GPS system, taking all the information inside the game interface. This way, no matter if you are a pro or a beginner, you’ll always know what to do next just by a quick glance, without any alt+tabs.


As a conclusion, we must say that a high-quality horde level guide should have one of the best quest paths that a player can choose enhanced by an in-game MOD to describe step-by-step all the quests that a player wants to complete. With such a handy tool by your side, you will be able to achieve the top of the game in the shortest time possible, without too much hassle.