July 18, 2024


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Hotels in Sofia

Sofia’s motto is “Ever Growing, Never Aging!”

The city of Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and it lies in the Sofia Plain, enclosed by the Balkan Mountains to the north, the Lozen Mountain to the southeast, Mountain Vitosha to the south, the Lulin Mountain to the southwest. The plain is open to the northwest in the direction of Yugoslavia, and to the southeast to the Thracian Lowland. Sofia is situated 55 km from the Serbian border at Kalotina checkpoint, 113 km from the Gyueshevo checkpoint with Republic of Macedonia, 183 km from the Greek border at Koulata, 315 km from the Turkish border at Kapitan Andreevo, 211 km from the Romanian border at Vidin, 324 km at Rousse, 392 km from our maritime border at the port of Bourgas, and 470 km from the port of Varna. The Iskar River flows by the city, and several smaller rivers cross the city, the most popular of these being the Vladaya and the Perlovo Rivers. In close proximity to the capital city lie Pancherevo Lake and Iskar Dam.

The biggest sight of the present-day city is the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, which represents the central Patriarch’s cathedral of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. The cathedral was finished in 1912 after the design of the Russian architect Pomerantsev. The square around the cathedral is also a popular sight among tourists for its Monument to the Unknown Soldier where an eternal flame burns. One can also visit there an open-air market for national costumes, embroideries, paintings, crafts and objects of antiquarian value. The St Sofia Church, dating back to the 4-6th century AC but restored and open to visitors, also stands out in the same square. The eastern part of the square hosts the building of the National Gallery of Foreign Arts. There are a large number of other places that are worth seeing such as the National Library, the Sofia University, the National Assembly square, the Slaveykov square and its book market, and many more.

The main shopping areas in Sofia are on Vitosha Boulevard (now pedestrian and closed for vehicles), Graf Ignatiev St., Rakovski St. and Pirotska St. The largest shopping malls in the city include TzUM, City Center Sofia, Mall of Sofia, Sky City Center and the recently opened Serdica Center. All of them host stores of world famous brands and offer many bars, restaurants and entertainment facilities such as the IMAX 3D movie theatre and a bowling centre.

Traveling to Sofia involves choosing a place to stay. The Sofia hotel you choose can made a tremendous difference in your enjoyment of your vacation or business trip, yet it’s difficult to find a Sofia hotel that meets your needs if you haven’t been to the city before. Taking into account service, quality, price, and location are important, but Sofia hotels can offer so much more – such as views of sites steeped in history and easy access to transportation.

The city of Sofia offers many accommodation opportunities. Currently there are about 50 hotels in Sofia from different category. Most popular ones are the world famous brands like Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan, Kempinski Zografski Hotel, Holiday Inn and Radisson BLU Hotel. There are also smaller and cosy hotels like Art ‘Otel and Meg Lozenets Hotel.

Sofia is a joy to visit, whether for pleasure or business. Just keep in mind that, when you make your Sofia hotel reservations, you choose a Sofia hotel that has the quality, service, and location that you need.