July 18, 2024


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Onboard and Onshore Cruise Ship Jobs – Job Descriptions

Presented in this article is a brief yet helpful job description of onboard and onshore cruise ship jobs. Listed here are some of the objectives, duties, and other responsibilities of onboard and onshore cruise ship jobs.One department in a cruise ship that offers numerous positions or jobs is the deck and engineering. In general, this is the responsible for maintaining the vessel and keeping it going. But engineering usually does not offer entry level positions. The jobs available in the deck portion of engineering consist of captain, carpenter, quarter master, safety officer, staff captain, and seaman. The engineering portion of any cruise includes jobs such as assistant engineer, chief engineer, chief electrician, radio officer, oiler, and plumber.

A different department in a cruise ship is the service and hospitality. Jobs that are found are quite similar to jobs in a hotel management. The jobs here generally involve works in the restaurant, cabins, or bars. Also, the ship’s treasurer or the “purser” is found. Also covered by service and hospitality is the food and beverage which consist of jobs such as baker, bar manager, buffet server, butchers, cocktail server, executive chef, general cook, wine steward. Another department in a cruise ship is the Personal Care. This department handles all the fitness, beauty, relaxation, and medical events within a ship.

Personal Care offer facilities and services to passengers that are looking for relaxation and spoiling. This is very essential since the passengers may stay in the ship for a lengthy time. Jobs under this department consist of beauty therapist, fitness instructor, manicurist, hair stylist, therapist, and spa attendant. The last department on this list is the activity and entertainment department. This department aims to give ease and amusement to the passengers. Jobs that are under this department include casino staff, art auctioneer, cruise director, and dive instructor.