July 18, 2024


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Pardus Game Review

Pardus is a free to play browser game set in the far fetches of space. You are a little pilot trying to make it big throughout the universe. As with most other games, you start off being very poor and piloting a small and unstylish looking spaceship. In order to make a name for yourself, you must increase your wealth and power so you can pilot better ships and become known as the best thing in the Pardus universe.

Doing all this is easier said than done as with very great success story, it all has a humble beginning. In order to increase your wealth you must accept quests to do. One of the first things you have to do is is to just collect some resources for your ship. Piloting your ship is very easy, but be warned not to travel too far. If you do, you will run out of fuel and you’ll be stuck. Thankfully, there’s an emergency booster that allows you to move in situations like this. Fuel is littered throughout the game field so there’s no fear of having to restart the game again…

The mandatory tutorial level is great for all beginners to start off with as there lots of things you will have to learn to get the most out of Pardus. There’s even a helpful chat feature incorporated into the game so you can ask at any time some advice from other players if you find yourself stuck on something. The online community in Pardus is friendly and chatty so you will always know there’s somebody there to help you out. The chat feature also translates everything in English so even international speaking players can talk with you.

The presentation in Pardus is very disappointing to say the least. It’s quite boring playing a game which has no music and sound to speak of and the visuals are lacking too. The navigation screen is very small and the graphics are better suited for a game made in the late ’80s. Considering other browser-based games such as Battlestar Galactica Online has full 3D visuals, it’s kind of hard to play a game that has very outdated graphics.

Selling and collecting resources may not sound fun, but as your further progress in Pardus, you can get to do more exciting activities. This includes being a criminal and stealing or raiding other players’ resources. Combat in this game is turn-based and is not as interactive as I’d hoped it would be. It’s quite lacking in the action department and not to the exciting level of other games from the genre.

Pardus is also a very slow-paced video game. If you’re used to the fast-paced nature of games like Call of Duty, Pardus is certainly not the game for you. Collecting resources and trying to navigate your way through the large game map could be overwhelming for some players. Nevertheless, more open-minded gamers can find hours of entertainment in Pardus as there are a lot of quests that you can undertake.