July 18, 2024


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Top 3 Ways to Increase Your Golfing Skills

Golfers are always looking for great ways to increase their skills. I put together a list of the top 3 ways to increase your golfing skills without having to pay a trainer to help you.

Elbow Needs To Be Touching Your Hip

One of the biggest mistakes I see most golfers make is not keeping their elbow touching their hip. It’s very easy to overlook this step because it feels natural for your elbows to stick out to the side but try to avoid doing that at all cost. Your elbow touching your hip keep your club nice and straight so that you have more control when you hit the ball.

Let Your Golf Club Do Its Job

Most golfers think that the harder you hit the ball, the further it will go. This is not necessarily true. It takes a precise swing, directly in the middle of the ball to make it go far. If you are swinging to hard and are not hitting the exact part of the club that you need to, the shot is going to slice or become a fresh air shot. Take your time and make sure you are hitting the right spot on the club and once you have mastered that, then move on to hitting the ball with more power.

Hip Rotation

Your entire body should be moving whenever you are taking a swing. If you only use your upper body strength, you will not get the full amount of power you could get if you were putting your hips into the swing. As your swing come down, your hips should follow that same motion. It’s almost like you are mimicking the motion the golf club. Your hips should swing at almost the same speed as the golf club. Watch the professionals on TV when the take a swing. It’s almost like they are using their whole body to make the hit.

Stay Fit

Swinging the golf club uses a lot of muscles that aren’t normally used that often. Having a strict workout regiment couples with practice helps increase your game. The more fit your core, back, legs and arms are, the better the chance of you hitting the ball correctly every time and with consistency. Your muscles have memory and the more you use them, the more memory they will retain.

Golf is a very challenging sport but when you use the right techniques and preparation it becomes easier with time.