May 18, 2024


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Your Honeymoon In Vanuatu Is The Ultimate Tropical Holiday Destination

A honeymoon in Vanuatu is the perfect way to begin the rest of your life as a happy couple. What better start to married life than a few weeks relaxing together at the ultimate tropical holiday destination? Vanuatu is one of the South Pacific region’s great secrets. It’s a delightful collection of tropical holiday islands and is the perfect place to get away from it all, try a huge range of water sports or become immersed in a completely different culture. The capital of Port Vila is Vanuatu’s main town. Once you arrive, you will want to get started as soon as possible on your honeymoon in Vanuatu. No doubt you’ll want to explore your room and resort, stroll along the beach, sway in a hammock and reflect on your future together as you enjoy a perfect sunset. After you’ve had a few romantic and stress free days together, you can start to explore the magic of this unspoilt piece of paradise.

If you want a honeymoon full of unique memories, Vanuatu is a great place to be. One day you can travel to Tanna Island and stand at the edge of the Yasur volcano crater. Another day you can visit Pentecost Island and watch the death defying land divers demonstrate why they’re world famous. And if you want something a bit different again, you can dive off the beach at Luganville and see what you can find amongst the wreckage of the SS President Coolidge, the world’s largest shipwreck dive. Your honeymoon in Vanuatu is also the ideal time to try out a few new water sports, go biking or work up a sweat with some bush walking.

Honeymooners love shopping, dancing and dining out and you’ll find plenty of choice for those indulgences in Vanuatu. You can buy a wide range of handicrafts, bags, sarongs and jewellery in the shoppers’ paradise of Port Vila. As well as the shops in Port Vila, you can also explore the Vanuatu Marketplace next to the post office. It’s a great place to buy freshly grown local produce as well as necklaces and island dresses. And when you’re ready to try a Melanesian feast or one of the international cuisines available on the island, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the very reasonable prices on offer at the dozens of restaurants in Port Vila. Some of the eateries you can try include Mangoes, Vila Chaumieres and Chill.

Nightlife is always a lot of fun during a honeymoon in Vanuatu. Once again, choices abound, with casinos, music venues and bars including kava bars for those who want to try Vanuatu’s national drink. You definitely won’t regret spending the first weeks of your married life together in this tropical paradise.