May 23, 2024


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Backpacking in India

Going backpacking in India can offer the most spectacular experience for the open-minded adventurer and is like no place on earth; full of mystery, spirituality and wonder. Backpackers from all over the world have ventured to this incredible place for centuries but India has never been so popular amongst adventurous tourists as it is now. This however, does not mean that the adventure is lost…. O no, far from it. India remains today a place of pure rawness and wilderness with huge areas untamed by explorers and tourists.

Of course it is easy to stick to the well-trodden paths thousands of tourists tread each year but that is not what backpacking in India is all about. Of course that is not to say that these places are not worth the trip…. on the contrary, it is because these places are so amazing that they are so popular but what I am saying is that there is so much more to India that is as of yet uncovered.

From the stunning and majestic Himalayas in the North, to the endless deserts of Rajasthan, the jungles of the South and the sun-soaked beaches of the west, India is the home of the adventure seeker with enough variations to keep even the most experienced traveller on his toes for months on end. What is more, backpacking in India allows you to see the beauty of India which can be found in her breathtaking diversity: No two people, no two cultures and no two towns are ever the same. Every where you will find another language, another religion and another tundra, such is the beauty of India.

As far as the perks go when backpacking in India you can expect to find cheap food, cheap accommodation and cheap travel. You will no doubt find the beauty and friendliness unmatched (most of the time) and their abilities as welcoming hosts formidable. India boasts a breathtaking and mesmerizing selection of sights and attractions from the stunning Taj Mahal to the mighty forts of Rajasthan and the temples of Orissa.

However, backpacking through India is not always that easy especially if you intend to take the back roads and steer clear of the tour operators. Expect to adopt a quiet sense of Paranoia with constant but necessary thoughts circulating around your brain.. ‘ where is my bag, is it closed, am I being ripped of, is my pocket zipped up’ etc etc.

Like I said, backpacking in India really does keep you on your toes which is all part of the fun!