July 18, 2024


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Camping Recipes – 3 Tips on "Food Safety" to Use on Your Next Camping Trip

It is extremely important to use good “Food Safety” when camping.  Use the following “Food Safety” so you and your fellow campers can have an enjoyable camping trip.

1. Plan Your Meals and Method of Cooking – Before you go on your camping trip plan the meals you would like to have and when. This will help you prepare the food for your trip. For instance, if you are planning on having steaks on your third night of camping, make sure the steaks are completely frozen before taking them in your cooler. You will also want to consider what method you will use to cook your meals. Remember, at time, the forest may be closed to campfires and charcoal grills so you will need to bring a propane stove or grill for cooking.


2. Keep Everything Clean – Remember to wash your hands before and after handling foods, especially raw meats. Also, make sure all cooking utensils and pans are clean prior to use. When packing your cooler, double wrap your raw meats to contain their juices and keeping your other foods safe.


3. Keep Hot Foods Hot, Cold Foods Cold – It is important to keep all your food that should be refrigerated cold. It is recommended to have two coolers, one for drinks and one for all your food. This will eliminate opening the food cooler too frequently and melting the ice more quickly. Also, keep your coolers in the shade and place an old blanket around them for further insulation. Remember to serve hot foods promptly, and store leftovers in an ice filled cooler.


So, as you can see, if you practice these “Food Safety” tips your next camping trip will be both SAFE and enjoyable.