June 19, 2024


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Communication – Effective and Efficient Ways of Relaying Information

The main objective of any business is to make profits. It is then important for business owners to look for attributes that will ensure their businesses are run efficiently. On this article I will dwell on the importance of relaying information or in other words communication.

The communication process is commonly defined as the process by which a person (the sender) transmits information to another (the receiver). It is where one relays information, ideas, understanding or feeling to someone else. The process of communicating involves the sender transmitting information, the receiver then decoding the message and sending feed-back through a communication channel.

Sometimes communication faces several challenges such as language barriers, perceptual differences that are brought about by our cultures and backgrounds, pre-conceived ideas where one jumps to conclusions before meditating on the relaying information, premature evaluation and personal insensitivity.

However, these barriers can be overcome by striving to be brief and to the point. It is always important to pass on accurate and complete messages and being empathetic to the one receiving the information.

Getting the receiver’s attention helps in making sure you pass information and one way of doing this is by using visual devices as they have a greater impact than words. Try also to use a combination of communication media to relay information; these would be like radio, television and internet just to mention few.

If you are operating a business, it is important to put more effort into communication. Your customers, suppliers and staff should be kept informed at all times. As a business owner it is advisable to develop an effective feed-back system so as to know where to improve.

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