May 22, 2024


Obey Your Travel

Costa Rica – A Healing and Adventure Haven For Vegan Raw Foodists

As a vegan raw foodist, it can be challenging to find exotic travel destinations to easily accommodate needs, let alone be able to find personalized, quality and customized services that cater to varying lifestyles and desires. Having the satisfaction and peace of mind that you can eat, relax and play without concerns for how to create the experience you want is priceless. Since exotic travel can be difficult for enjoying raw cuisine, it is nice to know that one can still have a great adventure getaway in tropical bliss while enjoying a dietary feast of choice. Costa Rica offers all of this and Dominical’s Waterfall Villas, sitting on a 14 acre tropical Baru Rainforest property, is a fulfilling gem-of-a-find to create that perfect getaway at affordable luxury prices.

Waterfall Villas or Cascadas Farallas, as it is known in Spanish meaning rock-carved waterfalls, is an exclusive, eco-lodge retreat specializing in personalized services, custom packages and organic raw, vegan and vegetarian cuisine healing journeys. Located just ten minutes drive from Dominical Beach Town and within thirty minutes drive to five National Parks, this boutique wellness and romantic getaway resort offers relaxing, green lodging amidst an exotic rainforest canopy and your own private waterfalls.

Tropical Bali-style inspired architecture and Feng Shui permeates this garden paradise that was created from the dream to “bring the garden into the house” and to offer its casual luxury as a home-away-from-home to all those who enter this welcoming abode. Complete with onsite waterfalls, hiking trails, koi pond fountain and open space to breathe in the lush, fresh rainforest scents and sights, this sanctuary has beautifully and consciously been built to take advantage of its surroundings while simultaneously conserving nature. Perfectly placed lighting in tree tops accentuate the natural landscape to enjoy both night and day with intention to offer beauty to the beholder, everywhere the eye can see. All of the furniture, art and natural stone-carved statue décor were shipped in two large containers straight from Bali, featuring custom, hand-made Buddhas and Ganesh, limestone dream-visioned statues, as well as original art by one of the owners, Fateh Kaur Baser. Whether you come to relax, play, detox, rejuvenate, luxuriate or romance, you will find something fittingly pampering to quench your every delight.

Fateh is Waterfall Villas’ private chef, Kundalini Yoga instructor, meditation facilitator, and artist. She and her husband, Franco, graciously invite you into their beautiful retreat creation making you feel at home from the moment you step foot on the premises. Tea, breakfast, yoga and meditations are included as daily optional offerings and an array of spa packages, cooking classes, adventure and local activities can be easily custom-created to suit your whim. Raw, vegan and vegetarian dinners can be added to your package at your request to fit any dietary needs of which most of the produce comes direct from the couple’s nearby organic farm. You will delight in the savory, tropical fusion of eclectic world recipes with each three-course dinner journey you embark on.

Enjoy full breakfast plate spreads of colorful, delectable fruits including watermelon, pineapple, papaya, melon, banana, strawberries, grapes, granadia and giant, fresh local coconuts all sprinkled delicately with cinnamon. Organic granola, teas and coffees are also an option and daily fruit smoothies and juices complete the morning venue experience. There are many restaurants around to explore and lunch is on your own. Chapy’s is a great stop-in at Dominical Beach Town for a quick healthy lunch bite to quench your vegan or vegetarian needs where you will find organic veggie wraps, sandwiches, salads and fruit smoothies to tie you over until dinner. However, nothing beats the exquisite, personal and gourmet experience you can have right at your fingertips, which makes returning back in the evening to your home-retreat, a rewarding must-do. After a long day of fun, exploring or simply relaxing, unwind and relax as Fateh and her staff pamper your taste buds with a culinary palette to die for.

This is where not only the vegans and vegetarians will delight, but raw foodists will be ecstatic in receiving custom catering that provides everything you’d desire and then some! Every meal will be unique and include a starter of appetizer or soup, followed by a meal which always includes a small, savory salad and rounded out in satisfying conclusion by an amazing dessert! Who could ask for more? Enjoy tastes such as the China Moon spiral pasta dish of chayote, carrot, cucumber and sprouts, marinated in coconut milk macadamia sauce or broccoli pate wraps divinely wrapped in leaves of green fastened with carrot and avocado entwined. Maybe you’d prefer exotic raw tacos with Waldorf salad, raw nori rolls or vegetable casseroles all garnished, topped and blended in light, exotic and tropical surprises. The list goes on…

But save your appetites, as you won’t want to miss out on the desserts! All of the desserts are raw and out of this world! Chocolate pudding with banana custard and strawberry filling topped with a sprig of mint, lime coconut pie, raw, melt-in your mouth delicate fudgy chocolate cookies and….well some things are better left to experience. But that is just what it all is…a gourmet feasting experience! Each meal is always complemented by an eclectic fruit juice and organic teas and wines are available to those who desire.

What more can be said? The choices are unlimited, including white water rafting, zip lining in the canopies, horseback riding to the falls or beaches, kayaking, surfing, dolphin and whale watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking to discover the rainbow of wildlife, yoga, meditating, massages, soaking in the jacuzzi and more. Not only can one experience an array of daily activities or relaxations to explore, but the food alone is a journey into discovery. Being a vegan raw foodist never looked so good! Now you can finally have it all.