June 18, 2024


Obey Your Travel

How to Communicate Effectively With Your Destination Wedding Planner

Your destination wedding planner is usually working on several weddings at the same time. Don’t feel marginalized, if she’s good each wedding is looked at individually and each is different.

Every wedding has a lot of details that need to be taken care of. Try not to call your coordinator several times a day to discuss details one by one. Make a list and then either call or email your planner with your questions.

Email is another area we need to discuss. If your coordinator sends you an email to discuss seating arrangements and puts “Seating Arrangements” in the subject line of the email please don’t hit reply and talk about the cake. Each email should have a pertinent subject line. That way, when the coordinator is pulling things together, he or she knows exactly which email pertains to what. Other wise he or she will have to read through all the emails (and there can be a lot) to find the necessary information.

You should have fun looking through magazines and the internet to find things that you love. Cake design, the bouquet, hair styles, etc. If  you are planning pretty far out, keep files of the images that you like. You will fall in love with a lot of things so don’t send every picture of every bouquet that you like. Wait until about 6 weeks prior and then go through your files. Choose the one that you like best and send that. It can be very confusing to go through images of 16 bouquets to find the bride’s final choice.

And try to avoid using terms like ASAP. Most coordinators will automatically get back to you as soon as they can and terms like ASAP can be irritating because they imply that you think your planner is ignoring you.

You hired your planner partly because of their expertise. Respect them and you will get the very best of everything.