June 18, 2024


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Importance of Obituary Information

Death is inevitable. No one can escape death all have to perish at sometime. Obituary message is related with death. These are the messages written by family members in memory of the death of their loved ones. They are short messages published in newspaper. Obituary message includes biographical information such as age, birthplace, occupation, names of surviving relatives, and place of death. The biographical information contained in an obituary is useful to genealogists and people researching their family histories, in addition to being a memorial to a person’s life.

For many ancestors and relatives, the obituary is the only “biographical sketch” of the individual. In addition to providing basic information such as names, dates, and places of birth and death, obituaries also describe relationships between family members such as parents, siblings, and children of the decedent. They are death notices; and are importance to research genealogical information about their ancestors. Obituary message also contains name of church where prayer was held after death and place of burial. Obituary message is also important for the family members who are staying far. It can help them to get information about ad happening that takes place at their home.

Many sites include obituary message that help researchers who are doing research on family tree. It helps them to get all relevant information about the family. Obituary message is kind of paying tribute or respect towards the decedent. It shows that their death is not inevitable, the family members still miss them and they hold special place in their life. It also helps in knowing the family background of the person, his/her status, kind of death whether it is sudden death or person suffering from any disease, kind of disease, which is helpful in genealogy research.

Obituary message helps in analyzing the relation of decedent with family members. If died person is some prominent personality of the country then the obituary message is big otherwise they are small message containing information about death.

Obituary information is good example in knowing the family tree and getting all information about decedent, which is generally difficult to trace out.