May 22, 2024


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Interviewing People For Your Information Product Business – The First Steps to Take

You’ve got the idea.

You know that one of the best ways you can position yourself as an expert in your field is to interview experts.

You know that one of the easiest mediums to use is audio.

You’ve invested the $50- $80 required to by a decent digital audio recorder from Audio Shack or Circuit City.

Now what?

Do you “forge out into the unknown”, approach your first expert and say: “What about it?” Well, you could.

My advice however, is to get some notches under your belt in familiar territory first. And by familiar territory, I’m talking about someone you know.

Now the person could be someone in your industry that you already have a relationship with. It could even be your mother or your brother. It really doesn’t matter.

The important thing is for you to get some experience hooking up the digital recorder to the phone. And, experience actually interviewing people on the phone.

It’s a little bit like people taking their first steps in public speaking. It’s a lot easier if you practice in front of your “fan club” first… The ones who are behind you all the way.

So, just ask them: “Would you be willing to do an interview?” You can just say that you’re practicing with your new digital recorder, and you’d like to practice asking some questions on the phone. And then, once you have the recording of that interview, learn how to get it off of your digital recorder and on to your computer.

There you can use some of the simple editing software that’s around to edit your interview. Or, perhaps have the interview transcribed.

Either way, you will be practicing turning the original interview, into more valuable formats, without the pressure of having to get it right the first time.