May 18, 2024


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Limo Services For School Occasions

Limo services are usually reserved for special occasions and events. In many cases, a fleet of limousines are hired to bring guests to and from events which are organized by the rich and famous for the rich and famous. There are occasions, though, that a vehicle is hired for another type of special occasion. School dances and proms are often viewed as a rite of passage that every teenager must go to and enjoy. There are also other events that others may think needs a limousine.

School Occasions

Proms and school dances are considered very important by teens. Limo services are often used by many boys (sometimes even girls) to impress their dates during these times. In many cases, the boys pick up their dates and they proceed to the venue for a good time. Hiring a ride to get them to and from the venue is easy. There are so many different firms that hire out vehicles of all kinds. Some companies do specialize in stretched cars and other formal vehicles. There are a variety of vehicles that can be rented for these occasions. They are usually limousines but there are also some, which are redesigned vehicles such as elongated Humvees and many others.

Conditions and Rules

The companies have similar price rates as well as rules and conditions that are quite alike. Rules and conditions that apply when limo services are hired include, but are not limited to, a specific and fixed duration when the automobile can be used, the kinds of usage and care for the vehicle, rates and the penalties. The duration of the service is usually fixed. There are packages that are presented to the person who wants to hire a vehicle and he or she chooses one that is convenient and affordable.

Some companies have a limit for the period such as not less than an hour of use. This limits the expenses on their part of getting a driver and letting him drive the client. Some also have packages that are just ordinary pick up and drop off conditions. The care for the vehicle is usually under that of the driver but there are instances when it may fall on the person who hires the vehicle. It all depends on what package the client or customer chooses. Insurance covers most of the damages that may be incurred during the rental period but there are times when the customer may be asked to take responsibility.

Limo services rates are also dependent on the length of time that the vehicle is to be hired. Usually the first few hours are more expensive than the next additional hours but there can be changes for these conditions. Penalties for any damages are stated in the agreement that a person might be asked to sign before they can hire a limousine. These penalties are quite fair and are usually in favor of the owner of the vehicle.

These are just a few of the things that one must keep in mind when opting to rent a limousine for school occasions.