June 18, 2024


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Malaga – A Holiday Destination

Why Malaga?

One should choose Malaga as a holiday destination as it is one of the most beautiful provinces in Andalucia, considered by some as the heart of the region. Lying on the Costa del Sol next to the Mediterranean Sea, Malaga is bathed in a subtropical climate which makes it enjoy the warmest winters in Europe, with temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius in December or March. Malaga is a strange mixture of different cultures but an utterly pleasant one; this is due to the rule of Muslims who were followed by the Christians, around 1487.

Main sights

There are lots of things to do as a tourist in Malaga. You can take advantage of the warm, tender sun on the beach or if you are a more active person, you can practice sports like parasailing, riding on jet skies or windsurfing. This is what one can do when going to the beach, but the mountains are also very close. Hiking or climbing can be very invigorating, not to mention the outstanding landscapes that tourists can enjoy while exploring the cones of the mountains in Malaga. The town has a spectacular historic center, where you can visit the oldest remains belonging to the Roman theatre dating back to the 1st century BC. The Malaga Cathedral constructed in 1528 is a combination of baroque, renaissance and neoclassic elements which make it an attraction for tourists. La Alcazaba is a Roman fortress that also attracts the interest of tourists, an impressive construction that was used for defense. The Arab monument makes you feel like stepping into another world once you visit it.


Malaga is a luxurious yet cheap holiday destination. Comfortable accommodation is affordable in hotels but most of all in villas. Periana is the perfect choice for those who love nature as it is surrounded on three sides by mountains. Cala san Vicente can be the perfect choice for families with an easy access to the beach, the shops and the restaurants. San Pedro de Alcantara offers luxurious apartments situated in the middle of a valley rich in gardens. Prices in villas are not as high as in hotels and the facilities are similar, if not superior. One can choose from a long list according to their interests and expectations as the offer is rich. Malaga can be the perfect holiday destination for a honeymoon, for a family vacation or a vacation spent in the company of friends.