May 22, 2024


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Securing A Flight Attendant Career Interview The Efficient Way

A Flight Attendant career is very much sought after, because of the glamor and rewards of working in the airline industry. It is also a great career to enhance customer service and management skills. To apply for a position as a flight attendant, airline companies usually require you to send in a resume. The resume is your ticket to an interview.

Airline companies receive thousands of resumes just for one recruitment exercise. As it is not possible for them to grant an interview to every applicant, they therefore sieve through the numbers and decide who should be selected, based on the appeal of the resume.

Professionally written resumes in business fonts that are pleasant to read, such as Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial will stand out. These are fonts that have subliminal effect and tell the reader very much about you. Certain fonts such as Comic Sans and Lucida Handwriting are to be totally avoided even if you like them.

Another important factor is your picture, which should give a good impression. It has to be professionally done with an upper body head shot, with hair, make-up and clothing that depicts the standard look of a flight attendant. It should not be a mug-shot photo with your hair down with no make-up. The interviewer will be trying to fit your looks with the image of the airline, so a neat and tidy photo helps to make that transition.

The content of the resume has to address the selection criteria and your work experience. Do not be too lengthy with the experience part because the interviewer at this point is just scanning through. Just write the main points and save the rest of your story for the interview where your qualifications and experience can be elaborated upon.

The resume is an attention grabber, while the interview is where you elaborate on what you have written and for the interviewer to validate. Thus the resume and the interview should be a seamless process. Many applicants failed at interviews because their resumes and their interviews were not seamless, meaning that during the interview they were not as what was depicted in their resumes.

It is important to get it right the first time because there is usually a long wait in between flight attendant recruitment exercises, especially if you are targeting only on one airline. You may want to further prepare yourself for the interview by learning more about the company and their corporate vision, the cities they travel to, their history and future plans. You may also want to prepare yourself with answering some commonly popular questions to build up your confidence level.