June 18, 2024


Obey Your Travel

The Final Destination of Godlessness and the Final Destiny of the Church of Jesus Christ

Make sure that you are a person who praises and worships the living God and that can only be done and accomplished through Jesus Christ. No man can come to the Father except through Jesus Christ and the full significance of this, needs to be grasped and understood. Why do I say that so clearly and even adamantly, but I trust graciously? I say it because it is true.

Over these past weeks and months I have been read and studying carefully and prayerfully the book of Revelation at the close of the New Testament and in Chapter 19 we finally read of the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ taking the power that is His and reigning, and we are told precisely and specifically what is going to happen.

One of the first things that happens when our God takes His Power and Reigns is that there is a marriage.

Jesus was never married, but one day He will be, and here we are reading all about the wedding. After all the wrong relationships have been destroyed, the right relationships can begin, and Jesus Christ marries His bride, the Church.

Now, this is not just a religious story or fable or myth. One day this will happen whether you believe it or not, or whether you think it is a good thing or not!

There will be nobody married to Him who is not part of the Church, and we are speaking here of the called and the chosen and the faithful.

Take time to read carefully and prayerfully the book of Revelation. There are rich and enriching words in these Chapters.

We are reading in Chapters 18 and 19 of the final destination of godlessness, and the final destiny of the Church of Jesus Christ.

We read of two cities with Babylon symbolising the great prostitute and Jerusalem which stands for the Church of Jesus Christ. We are the bride of the Lamb.

This is melodramatic. At the end of Chapter 18, there is that haunting chorus and that chilling note of the finality, where never again is the theme, and now there is no possibility of repentance, as people have lived for ultimate folly.

Heaven is not embarrassed at the fierceness of the judgment of God, and heaven is not a place of undisturbed tranquillity.

The camera refocuses us on heaven.

Salvation is the answer to catastrophe.

Salvation is much bigger and wider than judgment.

Salvation is larger and broader than catastrophe John’s pastoral task is to keep these disciples dealing with God, and faithful to Jesus.

We read in verse 6 of ‘what sounded like’ rushing waters. There is an indescribable element in this visionary language. Ezekiel wrote like this too, speaking of what he saw as indescribable and inconceivable

When Isaiah writes about God’s redeeming grace and power and glory, there is also the note of judgment, and there is a completeness about the judgment.

Salvation is a rescuing people from the bondage of Satan, and now we see salvation and judgment going together, as glory is brought to God’s name.

We need to ask, “With whom does ultimate power lie? Who has the last and final word?” The book of Revelation gives us that answer in no uncertain terms. While it is still the day of grace and mercy prepare and be ready for the trumpet sound!