May 18, 2024


Obey Your Travel

Why Use a WoTLK Alliance Leveling Guide

Has leveling to 70 been a real challenge to you. Has the new Wrath of The Lich King expansion given you more headache? Then you need the help of a WotLK alliance leveling guide. Why do I think it is best to use one? Well you are about to find out here.

As it is a recent expansion, nobody knows much about it. Everything that the players know is what they have read in newsletters and on community web sites. All they know is that the level cap will be increased and there will be a new area to venture in and a new class and other stuff like that. After the release, you wont have any information on where to go to level, which quests are the best and other issues such as those.

In a WotLK alliance leveling guide you will find the best routes to take and the best areas to linger in. How is this possible? Well any self-respecting leveling guide author will sign up for beta testing for any new important expansions that are coming. That way, he can provide the information you need to level up very fast even in the same day as the launch itself. You can imagine how much of an edge would someone have when they knew where to go and what to kill to gain the largest amount of XP in very short amounts of time. If you had trouble getting to the previous level cap, I think you owe it to yourself to enjoy the rest of the levels that Blizzard has so gracefully given you. You may also find other valuable information about the WotLK expansion that are related to new professions or new classes.

Before getting a WotLK alliance leveling guide to use, you should read some reviews on some of them. That way you will know what other people think of them so you wont have to waste your time and money on some badly made ones.