May 23, 2024


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Wooden Model Ships – How Hard is it to Build?

Wooden model ships have been in existence for a long time. Even during the times of the Ancient Egyptians, their ship-builders made wooden models which were scaled down models of the real ships.

Discovering these ships from those times amply proves that model ship building was also a hobby since time immemorial.

If you are interested in wooden model ship building, rest assured that there is no more satisfying hobby. There are two methods to build a wooden model ship. One is to build them by using plans and the other is to buy a kit.

There are many kinds of wooden model ships you can build. You could build the easy sail boat to a slightly more difficult yacht. You could build a boat used by the ancient Vikings, Egyptians, Greeks, and the Romans. There are plans available for all kinds of ships – schooners, fishing boats, dhows, and even warships.

If you are fascinated by any particular ship – lets say a World War II ship U.S.S America – just Google that and you will be able to get plans for that. Some may be free but that is not likely all the time.

Wooden ship models can be built using kits or from the ground up. If you are taking the second option you should prepare yourself for a long time in your work-shop which can sometimes be very frustrating.

Let me caution you that building a model wooden ship is not that easy. It does require a fair bit of knowledge in wood working and engineering. If you do have that it should not be very difficult for you. Bt even if you do have some knowledge but if you are a first timer in this ship -building exercise I would suggest that you get yourself a wooden ship model kit.

The difference being that in the kit you get all the parts and you only have to put them together. You will not need any specialised tools unlike building from scratch using a plan.

Even among the kits available there are kits for the first timer, the intermediate level and the expert. It is recommended that you get yourself a kit which is easier to handle with precise instructions. It is no fun getting something which is too difficult to construct! Your love for the hobby will disappear even before you started. The first time will always be a bit difficult and confusing. But keep at it and you will get the hang of it.

After you have worked with the entry level kits you can work your way up the ladder adding on ships which are more elaborate and complex.